About Us:

An introduction by Deborah C. Cole, CEO, Radiology OneSource Inc.
Radiology OneSource was first organized in 1997 as a subsidiary of the parent company, D. Cole Enterprises, Inc., a registered Tennessee Corporation founded in 1996.
With roots in medical management since 1986 and the pre-owned medical diagnostic imaging market since 1991, Radiology OneSource was a natural progression. We LOVE what we do.
The company was founded with the ideal principal of helping healthcare and service providers worldwide obtain reliable systems, parts, support and accessories they need to give a higher level of care to their patients. The secondary market allows for advanced imaging systems to reach these providers at affordable prices. This model of sustainable development and resource management has made modern medicine both accessible and financially feasible. People everywhere should have benefit of modern technology.
We continue to implement new programs, new methods of working and growing our global support network to be one of the greatest resources available to those working in the healthcare market. To learn more about these topics, please refer to our NEWS section.
Thank you for your interest and support.
Debbie Cole