MRI Coil Repair:

We only post systems we have directly for sale.
If you did not see the system you need, please email us your requirements and we send additional options.
Repair and Loaner Coils

Do you have dead coils in your department or inventory? We will pick them up, analyze them and if we can use them for our loaner program, we will give you $250 credit towards your next coil purchase or repair with us.

Our coil repair program is simple and straightforward.

See the difference!

  • Fixed Rate Repairs - Request a Quote
  • Average Turn Around 24-72 Hours
  • Expedite Service 24 or 48 Hours Availalbe
  • Standard 90 Day Warranty
  • Electronic Updates From Receipt to Return
  • Immediate Notification of Exceptions
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Upon occasion, a coil is in such poor condition that a repair is not possible. If this is the case with your coil, we will notify you immediately. If you are interested, we will give you a quotation for a complete rebuild of your coil. This rebuild service comes with a one (1) year warranty.

Clear, open communication is our way of working. Our purpose is to add value back to your system and help save you money.

Coils we know we can offer repair for include:

GE 0.2T Profile
0.7T Ovation/OpenSpeed
1.0T Signa
1.5T Signa/LX
1.5T HD/HDx
3.0T Signa/HD


Hitachi MRP 7000
AIRIS Elite/Altaire
1.5T Systems

InVivo GE HD/HDx 8-16CH
InVivo All others GE
InVivo All other OEM

Marconi/Picker Edge & all 1.5T sys

Medical Advances All GE non-HD coils
Medical Advances All GE HD/HDx coils
Medrad GE HD/HDx 8-16CH
Medrad All others
MRID All others GE
MRID All other OEM

Picker/Philips Proview 0.23T
Eclipse 1.5T

Philips 1.5T Intera
3.0T Achieva

Siemens 0.2T Open Viva
CODI Interface
Expert 1.0T
Impact 1.0T
Harmony 1.0T
Symphony 1.5T
Sonata 1.5T
Vision 1.5T
Trio 3.0T

Toshiba Opart

All other GE
All other OEM

Our repair program offers you a free* loaner coil where possible while your coil is being repaired.
*You pay freight to and from our warehouse.
Coils in the loaner program are subject to availability which is why your participation in dead coil program is needed.
If a loaner is required, we must receive your paperwork not later than 10:00 a.m. central time in order to prepare the loaner for shipment. Cut off time for shipment is 1:00 p.m. Thank you for your understanding. We are working to extend this time in the future.