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2005 GE Discover LS 16

Reference: 30786

February 5, 2018 - Near Chicago, IL USA

PET side is from 2000. 2005 GE GoldSeal system upgraded to PET/CT. CT is 2005. Located in a private imaging facility. Includes Fusion and DICOM, Whole Body. Installed options include: Reformat, AutomA, VariViewer, 3000 Image Series, SmartScore Pro, Patient 16 slice, Cardio Snapshot, Smart Prep, Smart Speed, Power 440, Recon Plus, Connect Pro, Direct 3D. SW Rev. DLS2_M5_PATCH_1.1+FMI-13645+FMI-13658. Xeleris console. AW 4.2 Workstation. Air cooled. No chiller.

Specification Sheet is not Available

2003 GE Discovery ST 4 PET/CT

Reference: 30777

April 2018

Dimension console with Fusion! Xray tube - Replaced on March 19th 2015 (Currently has 5987 exams on it) Pin source (rod) - Replaced on August 1st 2017 (18 month replacement cycle).

Specification Sheet is not Available

R-Wave Trigger:

GE Model 46-300509P3, 12/91. In stock.

PLU: 4138