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  • Radiology OneSource offers the following new and used replacement mammography paddles:
    • Magnification Paddles
    • Spot Compression Paddles
    • Small Breast Paddles
    • Biopsy Paddles
  • New, used and refurbished Buckys in sizes 18x24 and 24x30 are in stock and ready to ship!
  • Used and Refurbished Printed Circuit Boardsavailable now from various Bennett, GE and Lorad systems, including, but not limited to the Lorad MII, MII, and MIV as well as the GE 600T, 700 and 800T.
  • New & Used Cassettes from manufacturers Kodak, Fuji, Agfa and more for mammography and 14x17 for x-ray.
  • Looking for mammography tubes?

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  • Medicam 900 Remote MP Video Box for MC-900 and ML-900, S/N 295HN178, Model 01-5002-04 for use with Uroview. Good condition.
  • SCSI Adapter (2) in Stock. Assy. 554006-01 Fab 55400700 Rev. D and Rev. C
  • Front/Back Cover for Uroview Remote (new)
  • Digital Power Corp Power Supply Model US 250-323, S/N 9901 15628 Rev. D-1F, 90-250 VAC, 5A, 47-63 Hz
  • PAPST Fan, (new) YTP 4600X
  • Steering Climax Coupler for 9600 P/N C4388 – New
  • Philips Replacement Power Supplies
  • Portable X-Ray

    1983 Techny Rex 3000 Parts Unit: 117VAC, 60 Hz, 15 amp, Control Model 051-0001, 150 mAs, mobile stand model 002-0001. PID: 654


  • Acuson power supply: ITE power supply 50/60 Hz
    P/N: ECO-1140, Model: UP0251301U
  • PLU 3560

  • Conmed RA(white) RL(green) LA(Black) D8377 lot 9911111
  • Blue wire lead PLU 3561

  • ATL Footswitch
  • Dopple Foot Switch; H40582L
  • PLU 3582

  • QWERTY Keyboard; S983313260
  • PLU 3583

    The following GE boards are in stock:

  • PWA2154803
  • PLU 3400

  • PWA2282915
  • PLU 3405

  • PWA2228099
  • PLU 3410

  • PWA2219653
  • PLU 3454

  • PWA2155157
  • PLU 3458

  • PWA2208623
  • PLU 3483