Ultrasound Parts for Sale:

  • Acuson power supply: ITE power supply 50/60 Hz
    P/N: ECO-1140, Model: UP0251301U
  • Conmed RA(white) RL(green) LA(Black) D8377 lot 9911111
    Blue wire lead PLU 3561

  • TE Leakage current tester #42174000402 TEL3 Tester Rev.C
    use w/acuson P/N 23027 or 23028 power adapter
    15VAC~.65A,47-62 Hz
    Power supply 220 VAC 50H 15VAC 650mQ P/N 23027 PLU 3563

  • Telebit Fast Blazer 8840 DK95021992
    220V-240V 50-60Hz .07A 826400003 AP-8840SA-212 A4
    Telebit NetBlazer LS2PT S/N: 02648C067 PLU 3564

Peripherals & Accessories

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