Terms and Conditions:

BUYING from Radiology OneSource

  1. Once we receive your indication of interest in a system, you will be sent a formal quotation.

  2. If the system quoted meets your requirements, simply sign it and send it back to the appropriate office together with your purchase order.

  3. A Pro-Forma Invoice will be generated and sent for your review. Please sign it if the information is correct and acceptable and return it with your deposit or payment as indicated. Acceptance of the Pro-Forma engages the terms of buying from Radiology OneSource which are available below for you to download.

  4. Upon receipt of deposit and signed Pro-Forma, the inspection period is engaged. Inspection or waive thereof should be completed and Letter of Acceptance/Rejection should be send to Radiology OneSource not later than the last day of available inspection. If no Letter of Acceptance/Rejection refusing the equipment is received by the last day of available inspection, it is understood that the equipment is accepted.

  5. An Invoice will be sent to replace the Pro-Forma when the system has been accepted.

Please download the terms and conditions of buying below.

The contract contains important information you should know:

Terms and Conditions of Buying from Radiology OneSource (USA)

SELLING to Radiology OneSource

Terms and Conditions of Selling to Radiology OneSource (USA)

Policy on Parts, Probes, Glassware and Accessory Items.

Parts Policy is effective for all parts, probes, glassware and accessory items where an exchange item may be required. Please read this policy carefully before ordering.